We at In Unserem Blut want to share the bigger picture for our company. We want to give back to those that have given us our Freedom. An order was placed for an American Flag shirt by a good friend, for a solider that is being deployed after the holidays. They have a child that will miss them dearly. I.U.B. was able to donate a shirt to the solider's child. After opening the shirts, the child smiled and said "Now I will always be close to my dad". This is it; right here. To be given the opportunity to give this to the solider and their child is an honor. Danke Schoen to all those that purchase our shirts and bring us closer to our ultimate goal.



We are an Odd Duck

In Unserem Blut (In Our Blood) was founded by a Wisconsinite with German running through her veins.   An unstoppable force was created. In Unserem Blut represents much more than a brand. It is a mindset; and a damn good one. We are WI proud with a German voice. Put that on a shirt and it is wunderbar.

In order for change, there has to be discomfort. Caveat is: society has done a wunderbar job of creating fear in being uncomfortable. In Unserem Blut challenges that fear and embraces the discomfort; knowing change has to happen for growth. This mindset forces accountability and allows us to speak freely without worrying about what society thinks. Frankly, we don't give a damn. We are not for the meek or timid.

Danke Schoen for your patronage.



Shoot me an email if you have any questions. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.



"Pain equals freedom" -David Goggins

In Unserem Blut will forever stand by those that have risked their lives for our Freedom.  



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